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February 28, 2004
3:33 p.m.

boo radley and screwy javascript

Boo Radley, my website's been screwed up for the past few weeks b/c of an error with some javascript i had in my html. Poop on youP! What a waste of my diaryland dollers dollers hollers hollers.

Well, I don't really have anything of note to er, uh... note. Valentine's Day was fine, we stayed at a nice non-Motel 6 hotel, had dinner, had nookie, had spelling bee contest, the usual. Oh, and the next morning when we were having breakfast in the hotel restaurant, I saw this particularly nasty couple that made me lose my appetite. Well, half the couple was responsible actually. I got all grossed out cuz they were being lovey-dovey and the girlfriend was hideous. HIDEOUS. Her face was all wrong and she was really fat, not like amber fat, but like american fat where your only chance of losing weight is stomach stapling. And it was breakfast buffet so she was well fed (three times over, I kept count). Okay, I'm gonna go to hell now.

Alright, I'm so not funny now cuz I'm starving since it takes my bf an hour to make breakfast (yes, I know it's 330pm), so I'll go and maybe check back later. Like in a month. The usual.

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